Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments.

Department of Mass Literacy

  • Attending to matters affecting National Commission for Mass Literacy.
  • Attending to matters affecting Local Adult Education Officers (LAEOs) on the field.
  • Collating monthly and quarterly reports of activities on Literacy centers.
  • Approval of Literacy centers
  • Attending to matters affecting I.D.P.S, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.
  • Attending to matters relating to publicity
  • Monitoring of learning centers.
  • Compilation and issuance of certificate of attendance.
  • Compiling of general report.
  • Attending to matter concerning NGOs, registrations and monitoring.
  • Collaborating with the International Development partners or capacity building and production of learning materials.
  • Advocacy, sensitization and mobilization for the Agency Literacy Programme.
  • Mainstreaming of Non-Formal Education into Basic Education.
  • Collaborating with Tertiary Institution for Production of Primers and training of officers.

The Department of Administration and Supplies

Responsibilities of the Department include the following:

  • Advising on General Administrative matters in the Agency;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of Discipline and cohesion in the Agency;
  • Advising on all procurement activities and maintaining the stores and Government inventories;
  • Responsible for general Maintenance of Agency Building and Transport;
  • Interpretation of Extant – General order, Financial regulation Civil Service Commission Regulations and Establishment circulars
  • Taking responsibility for such duties as personnel management and management services; and
  • Coordinating Training Programme of staff of the Agency.

Department of Finance and Account

  • Taking charge of the Account Duties in the Agency
  • Advisory on the Disbursement of funds of the Agency
  • Advising the Chief Executive, the Accounting officer and other Departmental Heads on Accounting matters
  • Performing and any other function(s) as may be assigned from time to time by the office of the Accountant General and Executive Secretary.

Planning, Research and Statistics (PR&S)

The Department is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Collation of the monthly and annual activities of the Agency by collating the reports of the other department of the Agency;
  • Processing due process for all procurement and contract awards for the Agency;
  • Collation and processing of the statistical data so collected such as Learner’s enrollment, number of literacy centers and number of (NGOs);
  • Collaborate with other department on training and advocacy and community mobilization of relevant stakeholders;
  • Preparation of the annual budget of the Agency;
  • Rendering other services including supplying information and assistance to students of different higher institution and
  • Carrying out other activities as directed by the Head of the Agency.

Department of Women Literacy and Skill Acquisition(WLSA)

  • To ensure that AANFE remains the people’s Programme through skills acquisition/vocational training, advocacy and mobilization for harnessing human and material resources; mobilize private and international organizations and promote specified activities under Adult and Non-Formal Education Programme for the success of literacy and Vocational Skills delivery in various communities in the State.